Explore the various features of Forte’s Next-gen payment platform – DEX, offering a complete merchant and partner experience in retail, mail order and ecommerce verticals.

Awards & Rankings

The Strawhecker Group (TSG) informs & guides the world’s leading payment players, from fintech startups to Fortune 500 companies including, JPMorgan, FIS and Elavon. Forte has partnered with TSG since mid year 2020, subscribing to their Gateway Enterprise Metrics (GEM) platform. TSG’s Gateway Enterprise Metrics (GEM) is the only platform in the payments market that provides unique looks to merchant, developer, and gateway performance perspectives.


Forte closed out the month of January 2021, by ranking #1 on GEM’s weekly transaction analysis! In order the determine scores, a quarter of a million checks are performed weekly to come up with the transaction analysis ranking.


Ranked 2nd out of 21 gateways, this one-time assessment evaluates payment gateways’ total API offerings for payment industry functionality and feasibility. As a part of this assessment, TSG evaluates API sets, developer tools, sandbox, and emulators by conducting an integration into the gateway through an eCommerce application. It also benchmarks documentation and reviews navigation.


In addition to Uptime, GEM uses pings at multiple locations to determine minute outages. If at least 33% of location checks fail at the same time, an outage is recorded. TSG’s GEM platform annually honors leading payment providers. Past winners have included companies such as BluePay (Fiserv), Braintree (A PayPal Company), Square, and Shopify.

Payment Processing Models

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Integration Options

How to connect with us

Forte Checkout 2.0

Reduce PCI scope and offload the burden of hosting payment forms with Forte Checkout.


RESTful architecture provides a lightweight solution that is platform- and language-independent.


Secure and simplify your payment processing through a Forte.js single-use token.


Process financial transactions quickly and efficiently with a quick and easy setup.

Batch Transmission

Transmit financial information securely and quickly for easy tracking and reporting.

Bill Pay & IVR

Collect payments through a customizable and simple-to-integrate payment portal.

Dex Features

Explore the various features of Forte’s Next-gen payment platform offering a complete merchant and partner experience in retail, mail order and ecommerce verticals.


Merchants can perform four different types of credit card transactions from the Transactions Datagrid. Additionally, merchants can choose to save the customer data from a transaction or perform a one-off transaction without saving customer data.


The Funding Datagrid enables users with the appropriate permissions to view the funding entries of an organization’s locations. By default, Dex displays the funding entries for the previous thirty days, but you can filter the displayed results by Effective DateBank Account NumberAmountFunding Source and/or Funding Status.


The self serve reporting module allows merchants to generate reporting on transaction and funding activities for a given time frame. Merchants with the appropriate permissions can also export transactions to a .csv file that can then be stored on a local computer or imported into an accounting application for processing.

Data Sheets

Dex Info Sheet

Need more insight into Dex? View this info sheet to learn more about Dex.

Dex Reference Guide

A quick reference guide to get started in Dex. Information on how to create profile, process transactions, manage permissions and much more…

Getting Started

1. The Basics

Start here to learn the basics of navigating Dex.

2. Transactions

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3. Funding

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5. Service Fees

6. Bank Account Displays

Look Inside

Explore key features of DEX in an engaging interactive format

Dex - Step by Step

Dispute Management Experience

Dex with eDynamo


Print & Mail

Transactional documents such as bills and statements are valuable, repeatable points of customer contact that have a significant impact on the customer journey. Maximize the value of each customer communication with CSG Output Solutions.


Work with our marketing services department to design engaging bills and statements and highlight areas of interest (think payment options, account usage and upsell opportunities).

Mail at Scale

We send over 80 million documents every month on behalf of our customers, making CSG a “Top 10” USPS First-Class mailer. As a Top 10 mailer, we get the best discounts on postal programs—savings we pass along to you.

Archival Services

Paper documents aren’t a thing of the pastthey’re part of your organization’s future. CSG provides you with the documents you need to operate todayand archival services to preserve your history for tomorrow.

Direct Mail & Statement Marketing

Want to get the most bang for your marketing buck? Add marketing messages to bills and statements. With a near-perfect read rate, these documents are a great vehicle for targeted promotions and offers.We’ve got the expertise to design and deliver.

Start Going Green

At CSG, we value sustainability. That’s why we participate in recycling and reforestation programs like the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, and offer and recyclable materials whenever possible.

Print Services

Our expert bill designs are customer-centric and operationally efficient. We identify key areas of interest, compose, and tailor delivery of key data to each channel/device. Personalization and customer insights enhance the communication, using APIs to incorporate outside data sources. And our added capabilities such as statement messaging, full color, and the insertion of graphics and/or ad pages ensure that you maximize the value of each customer communication.

Onboarding the Portfolio

CUSTOMER SUCCESS | Platform SLA & Support

Explore our multi-level support model to ensure customer success, complete with dedicated 24/7 support and relationship teams, to ensure timely support.

Legal | Sample AGREEMENT

Review sample partner agreement with details on customary terms and conditions with respect to data integrity, service agreements and warranties and regulatory compliance.


Review a snapshot of the proposed pricing schedule, eligibility requirements for preferred tier pricing for ACH and credit card transactions. Also included is the pricing for optional value added services, like Account Updater and Forte Verify.

Case Study

PayVus + CSG Forte

PayVus® is a revolutionary, patented, end-to-end SMB business credit card issuing platform that combines merchant acquiring and business card issuing to deliver exceptional value with a modern approach to merchant services. Aliaswire‘s innovative approach enables ISOs and Acquirers to tap into issuer interchange revenue through the issuance of a PayVus® MasterCard World Business card.

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